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Travel Opportunities

Sacred Realms of the Himalayas

On this trip, you'll explore the heart of the three Himalayan countries, each equal in their cultural beauty and natural wonders. Journey over the Himalayas to the legendary Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) and arrive in unforgettable Kathmandu to stroll among ancient palaces, pagodas, and shrines. You'll spend the evening at the holy stupa of Boudhanath, the largest Buddhist shrine in Nepal. As a finale, you'll witness the awe-inspiring Budhanilkantha Temple with its tremendous floating statue of the sleeping Hindu god, Vishnu. Professor Subhashini Kaligotla will guide you through this breathtaking landscape, sharing her expertise in sacred architecture along the way.

Portugal and Northern Spain

Soak up the rich history of Portugal and Northern Spain on this extraordinary cruise aboard the Sea Cloud II. You'll start in Lisbon with an elegant gala reception, a private fado performance, and an in-depth exploration of the local area. Next, you'll drive to historic Porto to relax over lunch and wine tasting. From there, cruise to Illas Cíes National Park, and the lively seaside city of Santander. You'll finish with a night in Bilbao and a visit to the renowned Guggenheim Museum. Professor Steven Smith brings his extensive experience in the humanities to this exciting tour.

Pilgrims Journey: Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower

In 1620, after having settled in the Netherlands, the individuals we know as the Pilgrims took a 66-day journey across the Atlantic. 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of that voyage. On this historic occasion, explore the personalities and locales that influenced their departure from England in search of a better life. Learn why they chose to break from the Church of England, leave their homeland in hopes of new opportunities, and arrive in the Americas, where a new set of complexities and controversies began. Consider the impact their Plymouth landing had and continues to have on America’s native populations.