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Travel Opportunities


Follow in the footsteps of Winston Churchill who coined Uganda "The Pearl of Africa" as you explore the majestic lakes, nature reserves, and immense jungles of a nation which boasts more than half of the world's mountain gorillas, in addition to other extraordinary wildlife. In addition to our closest evolutionary cousins, you'll see Africa's Big Five--lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard--a term used in the 19th century by big game hunters based on the difficulty and danger of bringing down these creatures, not simply size alone.


Follow the course of the Nile River, whose mighty waters have long been the source of life-giving sustenance, cultural riches, and mythic power, into the very heart of ancient civilizations. Aboard your deluxe yacht, the 18-cabin Sun Boat III, explore the glorious age of the pharaohs on a 14-day exploration of Egypt's rich heritage. Among the many highlights of this itinerary are the iconic pyramids, the only remaining wonder of the ancient world, at Giza; the towering temples in Luxor and Karnak; the colossal statues of Ramesses II and his queen, Nefertari, at Abu Simbel; and the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Marvel at the Great Dam at Aswan, and the newly opened Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza, described as the largest archaeological museum in the world.

Po River

The Po, Italy's longest river, winds through the heart of the country for 400 miles, ending at the Venetian Lagoon. Embark on a delightful seven-night cruise along the Venetian Lagoon aboard the elegant La Venezia, an upscale river vessel with the atmosphere of a boutique hotel. Marvel at the natural beauty of the landscapes as you cruise gently from Venice to Parma and on to the picturesque lagoon islands, stepping ashore to immerse yourself in the art, architecture, and history of some of Italy's most beautiful cities.